An open letter, to the universe

Dear Mr. Universe,

How are you? I am writing, to express my gratitude. You’ve been kind, and I am thankful. Looking back, I realised how fine life has been to me. I’ve experienced all that is good on the earth.

I’ve loved my parents, my brother, my friends, a beautiful girl, a lovely kid and I’ve been loved back. What a joy it is. Sometimes, I’ve been kind to strangers and strangers have been kind to me – genuine compassion – I don’t have the writing ability to express the satisfaction of this emotion.

I’ve complained of being in a rut sometimes. All I meant, was that I was not being able to fight for a mission. The complaint was never about set-backs or failure to win – no win or loss is anyways permanent. But not being able to fight for a cause was frustrating. I couldn’t make peace with a mission-less life. I indeed was in a rut.

And then, you helped me actualise the dream which is the essence of my existence. You helped me find a mission which was worth “dying” for and helped me on a path where I had a fighting chance to fight for the mission. This is where you won me over all the way. I wish to make a point i.e. even if death happens in the next moment – it is eventually going to come to all of us, there is no running away from the universal truth that death is – I’ll die a happy man. I’ll be grateful for the life I’ve lived.

The mission is to bring in “The great Indian coding renaissance” and PepCoding is the flag, under which I’ll take the battle for this cause. I’ll make sure nothing else will matter but this cause. I’ll not let money, health, motivation become roadblocks - I’ll not let roadblocks be roadblocks. I am just glad; I got to fight for it. This is my fight and I’ll gladly take the wins and the losses; scars and the medals; heartbreaks, jubilations and the tribulations along the way. This is the only way I could live, a life of mission.

I’ve been advised by people wiser than myself, not to make goal declarations. I understand it makes sense – a lot of it – if you lose on a declared goal you lose face. But me being me, I’ll rather make a goal declaration. I’ll not let the fear of shame guide my expressions.

Here is what me and PepCoding have setup on achieving

To bring in The Great Indian Coding Renaissance

I’ve kept a single goal declaration to not let the emphasis be scattered, but a goal can never be clearly expressed without clearly defined and measurable metrics. Here are a few metrics we will hold ourselves against

  1. Our students becoming smart enough to be coveted by the best IT firms – the Microsofts, Apples, Google, Facebooks, Oracles and Amazons - across India and globe.
  2. Our students becoming smart enough to win the best coding competitions world – ICPC, Codejams and Hackercups.
  3. Our students ushering in the next wave of Indian start-ups – I’ll wish to believe that my students have enough raw talent to one day build companies like Googles and Microsofts, and I’ve enough talent to teach them the self-belief which will take them there.

It doesn’t matter whether the above will take 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or the entire life. I’ll love to die on my work-desk working for the goals and metrics mentioned above.


Sumeet Malik

Sumeet Malik
CEO, Director

Dear Reader, This is me - the editor of pepcoding. In pepcoding we are trying to create a quality resource that makes learning computer science easier and more fun. If you find our resources useful, pepcoding will have served it's purpose.

We are a team of few ordinary wannabes, and we are trying to punch above our individual weight in pursuit of a common vision - impacting the way computer science is learnt and taught. India is right now living "The Great Indian Coding Renaissance". Pepcoding will live and die for it.

Neha Singh
Neha Singh
Director, Project Manager, Team Lead

I have written this website with help of 3 amazing developers, it is a one-stop, seamless and scalable interface for students to access classroom learning, assignments and contests in one place.

Abhishek Verma
Abhishek Verma
Senior Software developer

Software developer by profession, a tech enthusiast by passion.On a pursuit of excellence.

Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh
Software Developer

Currently in Pepcoding, i am gathering so much learning which will help me to serve for the development of Organisation, developing and enhancing my skills and knowledge at the same instance of epoch. Apart from constant technical learning, i am also learning corporate culture here like how to be a part of effective team.

Sachi Malik
Sachi Malik
Web Developer

Started as a student and now I am working as an intern in Web development. Work environment is pretty cool and gained a lot of knowledge in such a short time.