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1. You are given a number n.
2. You've to create a pattern of * and separated by tab as shown in output format.
Input Format
A number n
Output Format
Question Video
1 <= n <= 100
Also, n is odd.
Sample Input
Sample Output
*				*	
* *
* *
* *

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    "Art is pattern informed by sensibility!"


    1. You are given a number n.

    2. You've to create a pattern of * and separated it by tab as shown in the output format.

    Input format:

    A number n

    Output format:


    1 <= n <= 100; Also n is odd.

    Solution Approach:

    This problem is a combination of the two problems we have already faced, a diagonal of stars that leans down from left to right (Pattern 7) and a diagonal of stars that rise up from left to right (Pattern 8).

    So we combine the printing conditions of both the loops by an "or" operator to create the required program to print the "Cross of stars". We use the "or" operator so that the star is printed if either of the conditions is true.

    import java.util.*;
                                    public class Main{
                                        public static void main(String[] args)
                                            Scanner scn = new Scanner(;
                                            int n = scn.nextInt();
                                            for(int i =1;i<=n;i++)      //decides the number of rows for output printing
                                                for(int j =1;j<=n;j++)  //prints the stars in the row
                                                    if(i == j || i + j == n + 1)        
                                                            System.out.print("*	");
                                                        System.out.print("	");    
                                                System.out.println();   //changes the row on output console

    java false

    Output for input value n = 5:

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