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1. You should first read the question and watch the question video.
2. Think of a solution approach, then try and submit the question on editor tab.
3. We strongly advise you to watch the solution video for prescribed approach.

1. You are given a number x.
2. You are given another number n.
3. You are required to calculate x raised to the power n. Don't change the signature of power function.

Note1 -> The previous version expects the call stack to be of n height. This function expects call function to be only log(n) high.

Note2 -> The online judge can't force you to write the function recursively but that is what the spirit of question is. Write recursive and not iterative logic. The purpose of the question is to aid learning recursion and not test you.
Input Format
A number x
A number n
Output Format
x raised to the power n
Question Video
1 <= x <= 10
0 <= n <= 9
Sample Input
Sample Output

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