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String Rotation

Three Programmers at Pepcoding invented an amusing game. First Pepcoder thought out a string S and passed it to the Second Pepcoder. The Second Pepcoder executed X (0< X < string length) cyclic shifts ( a cyclic shift is a transfer of the last character of the string to the beginning of this string) with this string. As a result of these operations, a string T was produced, and the Second Pepcoder passed it to the Third Pepcoder. The task of the Third Pepcoder was to find the number X or make sure that the Second Pepcoder was mistaken because the string T could not be produced from the string S via cyclic shifts.

Expected complexity: O(n)
Input Format
The first line contains string S. The second line contains the string T.
Output Format
If the string T can be produced from the string S via cycle shifts you should output the desired number X, otherwise, you should output "-1". If multiple answers exist, output maximum X among them.
Question Video
1 <= S.length() <= 100000
Sample Input
Sample Output

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